The song follows up Alex and Drew’s previous single ‘As They Fade’ featuring vocalist Riah Knight, and much like its predecessor is the result of six year old jam sessions that were revisited and finished together with their respective vocalists. Presented with the backbone of the track, ENNÈ’s blend of reggae, soul and RnB influences as well as her unmatched energy on the microphone effortlessly provided Alex and Andrew with the powerful performance necessary to turn ‘Dreaming’ into a second standout offering on the label.

‘Dreaming’ showcases a different style of vocal track to ‘As They Fade’, opting for a faster pace as snappy clicks and driving kickdrums keep up speed with ENNÈ’s beautiful vocal act. Catchy lyrics are backed by addictive, guitar-esque riffs and distorted plucks – ‘Dreaming’ is a surefire crossover hit and an excellent display of the three artist’s combined talent.

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