We think it’s fair to say the thought of spending another day looking at the same four walls has gotten even the most introverted of us screaming into our breakfast cereal. We’ve all seen the motivational messages from certain quarters suggesting they’re living their best lives and you’re considering getting dressed to be a personal victory. Well fear not, Alex Kennon has the answers!

Best Breakthrough Artist 2018 at the Ibiza DJ Awards, signed to Crosstown Rebels, Saved, and Rebellion; Alex is finding his stride in 2020. Following his recent release on Relief, Alex gave us his top tips to prevent isolation boredom.

Do Some Sport/Exercise
It’s really important to keep your body active however you can. If you live in an apartment, you can train by going up and down the stairs of your building or doing bodyweight exercises – there are loads of free sessions online. I highly suggest some yoga classes too! They require little equipment and not much space.

Turn off the TV
This is a hard one for many but it’s far too easy to just sit down and watch TV all day long. Afterwards, I feel pretty empty and I think a lot of you will find the same. It depends on everyone’s personal taste, but I have found limiting what I watch on TV beneficial and replacing it with something to keep your mind busy.

Get Cooking
I think that cooking is a great way to discover yourself through finding quality ingredients and building your self development. Day by day you can see improvements and learn something new. I hope that a lot of people will continue to cook after lockdown, realising that it’s easier and healthier than they may have first expected. You never know, you might reach week 3 on MasterChef! Ha. Secondly, it’s a great way to start understanding what you eat, and to have homemade, unprocessed food is always the healthier option.

Be Creative
This can be anything from simply listening to music, learning a language, or making music if you are a producer. New ways to be creative can help you manage your mental wellbeing during these difficult circumstances as a method of Philosophy. It’s a great way to keep your brain trained and looking to the future too in a positive manner.

Understand how to use technology
At this moment I can say the best asset is that we have availability to video call or stay connected to our loved ones. I think is important to spread love and good vibes in such a difficult moment but always be aware of the reality of the situation too. Don’t forget to help others and the older generations on how to use the new tools to stay in touch. They can feel lonely when at the tap of a button they can see their families.


Simon Huxtable
News Editor