Alex Dimou is back with another recess of his heart called “This Time”. Released on Rebellion and featuring Black Soda on vocals we know that this is going to be a soul filled track with effects of reggae sounds as well.  This Rebellion is not the punk rock label out of Germany, but a new underground label announced by Crosstown Rebels that has special projects featuring only the best artists in underground music. Their releases will be extremely exclusive and limited due to their ‘under-the-counter’ nature. It’s not surprising they let a master maker like Alex Dimou release this new EP on the label.

“This Time” has a driving bassline behind a beautiful percussion melody and soothing symbols. Then Black Soda comes in with magnetic lyrics to top off the track. Then dOP saturates the track with two remixes. The ‘Late’ remix is very atmospheric, ads in fast paced flute like melody and beautiful long piano sounds. The ‘Early’ remix is more lyrical with beautiful humming and even longer piano holds. The entire EP is mesmerizing and full of heart touching vibrations.


Artist: Alex Dimou
Release Date:
Label: Rebellion
Catalog No.: RBL033

Alex Dimou – This Time Ft. Black Soda

Becky Nutt

Contributing Editor