[Release] Dark. Just how I like it. Alex Arnout is quickly becoming one of my favorites for creating divinely dark tracks. Ever since his ‘Sound Byte‘ release out on Turquoise Blue last spring, we’ve been watching him and he has never failed to impress.  His newest release on the always amazing Resonance Records is no exception. Eerie rising synths laced with deep male vocals and backed with ominous lingering sounds … it’s simply excellent. The EP features a more enlightened dance remix by Waifs & Strays and a delightfully harder dark remix by Max Chapman. Resonance Records has been on the top of our radar lately with mind blowing releases from mi4l favorites JOBE, Clinton Houlker, and now this lil beauty from Alex. Get dark with it my dears …




Artist: Alex Arnout
Label: Resonance Records
Release Date: Oct 1
Catalog: RR005


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