Dialtone is taking a new musical direction with upcoming releases raging from Deep Tech and Tech House to Hypnotic compositions. This EP is the perfect way to confirm this, and with a Deep Dark 2 tracker EP by non other than Alola’s and Get Physical’s artist Alessandro Mogarelli. Balcazar from famous mexican duo Balcazar & Sordo creates a heavy club anthem filled with analogue sounds and techy fx, white noises and sweeps, all masterfully arranged to complete with female processed vocals. This track has been proven by many famous DJ’s and they all reach the same conclusion. It makes the crowd go “mental”. Max Chapman speed things up a bit and creates a minimal chopped tweaked out vocal remix with 303 sounding arpeggios that bring that classic acid sound back to the 2014, all layered on top of a deep dark bassline and big punchy kick.


Artist: Alessandro Mogarelli
Title:  Lifestyle Records
Label:  Dialtone Records
Catalog No.:  DT090