Alampa land on the NOPASSPORT label with a new record that shows off their style across six superb new tracks. Remixing is James Teej who serves up two versions to make this a fascinating new EP.


It opens with a sparse, absorbing bit of dark electronic pop that puts the vocalist front and centre. From there Lush Dance is a delicate four minute ode to late night moments of introspection. The Police gets even more laidback and empty, with string guitar lines and lush vocals bringing plenty of vulnerability to the groove. Music Box is about gassy hits and lurching beats that suck you deep into their world and Caravan gets more clean and crisp with the nice drums and soulful vocal delivery. Afternoon Shot is a poolside jam that will bring plenty of sunset vibes to the party. James Teej then goes for a big acid remix and more deep dub effort to close out the fantastic EP.


Grab it here