If you fall, you get back up. Fair enough. But what do you do when you get back up only to fall again? For many years, British singer-songwriter Aidan Martin was tested by life’s trials and tribulations. Some self-inflicted, some circumstantial, now at age 30, Martin pens songs interlaced with personal experiences and life lessons learned along the way. Radically honest and emotionally heart-wrenching, painfully beautiful and genuinely soulful – this is stuff you simply can’t come up with unless you’ve really lived it.

Gaining over 30 million streams across a handful of independently released songs, Martin has earned top positions such as #4 in the UK Singer-Songwriter chart as well as spots on the UK reality-TV show Love Island and Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Chart in the UK and Ireland, garnering a growing loyal fan base in the hundred-thousands. Today, Martin makes his major label debut with “Good Things Take Time,” serving as the perfect introduction to the man and artist he has become.

“Do you know that feeling drowning underwater?“ he looks back at that dark period when “the hurt in my life / Always putting me back on my knees.” Over a sweeping piano production, he picks himself up from the dust with new-found clarity and confidence. “So even when I’ve been out all night / Even when I’m fucking up my life / Even when I’m losing my mind / I know that good things take time.“

In the accompanying video, Aidan ascends a seemingly endless staircase of an antique building, symbolising the recurring struggles in his life. On his way up, he looks into different rooms / phases of life where these hardships manifest before his eyes – wrestling with a lack of self-confidence and self-reflection in the mirror room, loss of the will to live in the bathtub, addictions in the bottle room. Eventually, he overcomes all these stages, with the understanding that “Good Things Take Time”.