Adventures In Daydreams is the collaborative guise of label co-founder Richard ‘RJ’ Fletcher and Alex Brown, and the leeds duo offer up something both refreshing and forward thinking under this alias. Skilfully fusing an amalgamation of styles from house and techno through to bass and post- dubstep.

The duo turn in delicately programmed pieces across the ‘Spirits Of The Forsest’ EP, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Saw Erect’ embrace a raw and rugged feel with warbling synth lines, smooth atmospherics and growling saw-wave bass tones. While ‘Sinking Feeling’ and ‘Further Information’ see things meander into a more dream like state with arpeggiated melodies, bright chord sequences and an ever-evolving dynamic. This release is pure quality from start to finish and we are super excited to see what else this new group has in store for the future.


Artist:  Adventures In Daydreams
Title:  Spirits Of The Forest EP
Label:  Tact Recordings
Catalog No.:  TACTDIGI003