Hamburg’s favorite brothers from another mother the Adana Twins are back with an essential new track dropping on Exploited, continuing the duo’s journey to cement their status as one of the genre’s kingpins. Apparently used as a secret weapon in their live sets for the better part of a year, the boys have finally released the track from their arsenal for our listening pleasure.

Heroe ’ is the perfect fusion of genres, the love-child of aggressive yet graceful deep house and 80’s synthpop. Chock full of Depeche Mode inspired vocals that echo and build, the track culminates into a masterfully crafted synth laden, bass crunching adrenaline rush that sweeps us off our feet….and has us thanking our heroes for saving us from mediocre music.


Artist:  Adana Twins
Title:  2015-09-14
Label:  Exploited
Catalog No.:  EXPDIGITAL106

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