This week the Swiss Federal Council announces their plans for uncapped live music events for over 1000 people to return in October 2020.

The country has observed restrictions since February, which, like many countries has felt like a neverending stranglehold on those whose livelihoods depend upon live music. At a press conference yesterday (Aug 12th) councillors Simonetta Sommaruga, Alain Berset and Guy Parmelin announced plans for their ‘new normal’.

As Europes 8th largest live music economy, it will be viewed with interest as restrictions loosen. Currently, the country has 2,478 active cases of COVID-19 from a population of 8.65 Million. Everyone is understandably cautious, and the council is keen to “ensure that the epidemiological situation does not deteriorate”.

Under the new guidelines, all events will need to be agreed by all 26 semi-autonomous member states which will consider infection rates locally, as well as their contract-tracing capabilities, as well as meeting as yet unspecified strict protective measures which will be formulated under consultation over the coming few weeks.