Originally produced on an old, run-down computer rescued from his father’s internet café in his hometown of Casablanca, ‘U & Me’ showcases the 19-year-old rising star’s ability to craft a stunning record with the barest of setups. His combination of cast-iron club-ready grooves and striking melodies provide the perfect foil to Caitlyn Scarlett’s powerful, tantalising vocals on this infectious and vibrant track.

Not afforded a ’scene’, studio, or music support network many of his peers in electronic music take for granted, blossoming talent 84 Controller is carving out his own niche, and with the likes of Leftwing : Kody, Generik, Piem, and Mirko Di Florio already as firm supporters and a sophomore single as strong as ‘U & Me’, this is undeniably a unique artist and story to watch.

84 Controller ‘U & Me’ feat. Caitlyn Scarlett is out now via Warner Records – buy/stream here.

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