Techno lovers have long been hip to Family Piknik: it is a key festival in Montpellier in France that dates way back. This year it takes place on Saturday 12th September.

This year it once again and despite the pandemic, it offers the best underground names across a range of great stages, with lush green areas to chill in and plenty of people from all over Europe in attendance. 

Charlotte De Witte, Mind Against b2b Recondite, ARTBAT, Worakls and Popof b2b Oxia all play with more besides. 

To find out more head to the Family Piknik Facebook page. Otherwise here are five of the best things to expect. 

Top line up

Charlotte de Witte, Mind Against b2b Recondite (exclusive performance), ARTBAT, Worakls (exclusive new live), Popof b2b Oxia, La Fleur, Rodriguez JR. (live), Tom Pooks b2b Joy Kitikonti, Essence of TIME, Abstraal, Pontias b2b Mood Gorning b2b Albanø, The Dualz (live), Bartok & Canadas and more all play. 

New main stage

The big stage that was already developed for the initial July festival will be installed in the heart of a new space, much larger in size, with a breathtaking view of the slopes. After months of frustration, this party has all it needs to be a mesmerizing event ! 

Mad for it crowd

Because everyone has been locked up so long and had no fun, you expect people from all over France and beyond to really go wild at what will be one of the first festivals in Europe this year. 

Safety measures

Because of coronavirus the will be a weird year for all. There will be hand sanitising stations, virus checks, temperature tests, and people will be advised to wear masks. But all that is better than it not happening at all. 

Reduced capacity

Cause of Corona, fewer people will attend this year, making it an even more intimate festival but with all the major production you would expect of a huge event. Do not miss.