On August 31, the new Music & Arts festival Hide & Seek will take place in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, only thirty minutes away from Machester’s city centre. The venue is Capesthorne Hall – a family-owned stately home. The truly unique venue overlooks three lakes and stunning gardens.

The festival has organised coaches which will be running from Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield. You could also travel by rail, Wilmslow is the nearest railway station and is only a ten minute taxi journey from Capesthorne Hall. For more travel and artist info scroll to the bottom of this article, or visit www.hideandseekfestival.co.uk


Music-wise, Hide & Seek will offer everything from underground minimal house and techno music to disco. Check out these five acts you which will definitely deliver a world-class sound.

Margaret Dygas

Margaret Dygas sound was born in New York, matured in London and is continuously being polished in Berlin where she has gained the privilege as a resident of Panorama Bar. She is daring to experiment – expect to hear anything from deep, minimal and dub-influenced sound to funk, unusual twists and turns.

Mathew Johnson (live)

Mathew Johnson has quite a distinct sound and despite having a “doctoral” understanding of house and techno, it is his wide-ranging curiosity for sounds that has helped him excel in his methods both in the studio as well as on stage. His earlier participation in the trio Cobblestone Jazz, helped him develop as performer who does not preplan but prefers to jam. Johnson will again play a live set at Hide & Seek, so, if you are looking for someone who will stimulate tension and emotion on the dancefloor, make sure you don’t miss his slot!

Jeremy Underground

Jeremy Fichon aka Jeremy Underground’s biggest influence is Kerry Chandler. He lives and breathes house music. The Parisian’s true love for underground house music has helped him develop into the artist he is today. His music collection is remarkable, as well as, his skills, so if you are into digging for new tunes, makes sure you don’s miss this one.


Parisian native Shonky, has managed to carve out a niche as a reliably playable producer. The matematician’s music is smart and sharply crafted, yet strangely fascinating, and sometimes, in its own way, crazily intense. He’s playing music he likes to play – old and new techno, as well as, some house, tech-house, acid and electro.


Praslesh got his name Praslea from a traditional Romanian novel, in which the main character is Praslea. Being closely involved with other rominimal heroes such as Raresh, El Cezere and Cozo, helped him develop as an artist and create his vision. If you are looking for the usual chill Romanian vibes, Prasle won’t disappoint.


Hide & Seek Line-up

Dan Shake
Francesco Del Garda
Ingi Visions (Julian Alexander & Samuel Deep)
Jamie 3:26
Jeremy Underground
Josh Baker
Margaret Dygas
Mathew Jonson (live)
Nicolas Lutz
Spokenn (Ferro & Reiss)


Additional Travel Info

Manchester City Centre

Car – 35 mins

Train – 15 mins (Manchester > Wilmslow)


Car – 1hr

Train – 1hr (Liverpool – Wilmslow)


Car – 49 mins

Train – 46 mins (Chester – Wilmslow)


Car – 1hr 15 mins

Train – 1hr 30 mins (Leeds to Wilmslow)


Car – 1hr 20 mins

Train – 1hr 17 mins


Car – 1hr 20 mins

Train- 1hr 25 mins (Birmingham – Wilmslow)


Car – 1hr 15 mins

Train – 1hr 20 mins


Car – 40 mins

Train – 50 mins (Warrington – Wilmslow)


Car – 40 mins

Train – 1 hr (Stoke – Wilmslow)


Car – 1hr 30 mins