We lost a great one today. Phife Dawg was one of the most influential figures in the story of hip hop.

Low End Theory changed my life; it’s what got me into hip hop, which shaped the person I am today. I can remember poppin’ the cassette tape into my dad’s ghetto blaster and listening to this album on repeat. It was the soundtrack of many days skateboarding in the streets with my friends.

As I sit and listen to A Tribe Called Quest all morning today, choked up and reminiscing, I can’t help but to soak in every lyric Phife Dawg spewed onto record. Low End Theory; Midnight MaraudersBeat, Rhymes and Life; all these albums were magical to me and will remain timeless.

Phife killed it every time he came on the mic. His style and banter was like none other. Here are 10 lines from the mastermind that stand out to me the most.

Rest In Peace.

10) “I’m all that and then some. Tall, dark and handsome. Bust nut inside your eye to show you where I come from.”

Scenario – Low End Theory

09) “Never half step ’cause I’m not a half stepper. Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper.”

Buggin’ Out – Low End Theory

08) “I like ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian. Name is Phife Dawg of the Zulu Nation.”

Electric Relaxation – Midnight Marauders

07) “You see you, your career is done like Johnny Carson’s. Get me vexed, I do like Left Eye, I’ll start an arson. Now that I got that out my system. Watch me stab up the track as if my name was OJ Simpson”

The Hop – Beats, Rhymes and Life

06) “Hows about that, it seems like it’s my turn again. All through the years my mic has been my best friend.”

The Jazz – Low End Theory

05) “Bogus brothers makin’ albums when they know they can’t hack it. Cos they lyrics is played like 8-Ball jackets. Now tell me I can’t tear it up. Go get yourself some toilet paper cos your lyrics is butt.”

Show Business – Low End Theory

04) “Attitude is how I get my point across. You can’t call yourself an MC if you know that you’re soft.”

Word Play – Beats, Rhymes and Life

03) “I kick more game than a crackhead from Hempstead. My styles are milk, man, you’d think that I was breast fed.”

God Lives Through – Midnight Marauders

02) “You see, my aura’s positive I don’t promote no junk. See, I’m far from a bully and I ain’t a punk.”

Check the Rhime – Low End Theory

01) “To this day, I still believe that no MC can serve me.”

Vibes and Stuff – Low End Theory


Jimbo James
Managing Editor