Welcome To My Crate XL is a free audio podcast focusing on dance music, cultural topics, studio/DJ tips and general tomfoolery. The long form conversation is hosted by globally active DJ/producer Chris Manik aka MANIK, alongside friends and special guests.

Episode 22 features Zernell, music connoisseur and globally active DJ. His style is the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house music with a grimy twist. He has a monthly show on NTS Radio and also runs the label and brand Grimy. His 30 years of DJ experience is profound, and touches on multiple genres from disco and soul to house and funk. In this episode, we speak about his journey from Chicago to LA, tips on digitizing vinyl, how he got the idea to launch his label and brand Grimy, Twilight Tone, why he loves to find that one record and much more.


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Jimbo James