Basement Leak is a young label but already an impressive one. Now with release number three, boss Shiba San looks to four different artists to serve up four compelling new cuts that did plenty of damage at the WMC.
It is the boss himself who goes first with ‘Drop It’, a chunky house cut with rib rattling bass and lots of deft sound designs that really make the track pop. Dateless then comes next and goes even more weird with his freaky and unhinged tech house cut. It’s clean and fresh and really jumps out of the speakers and is sure to make a mark on the floors of the finest clubs this summer. Then it is to Black V Neck & Ayarez who serve up the meaty My Style, with its wonky bass and weird vocal sounds all getting inside your brain. Last of all is Open Cap, a rock solid and no noise house cut with from drums down low peering it all along. It rounds out a more than useful EP of fresh modern house music.
ARTIST: Shiba San, Dateless, AYAREZ, Black V Neck, Malive
LABEL: Basement Leaks
RELEASE DATE: 2017-03-24

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Ian Flemming

Contributing Writer