[Release]  It’s no secret the amount of quality and talent that Innervisions have on their roster.  Well if you didn’t already know, now you do, because the secret is out again with their latest release Secret Weapons EP Part 5. Known for their beautiful and eclectic releases, they look to both old and new talents who give us this stunning four track EP with some serious tunes to set the mood.

Konstantin Sibold‘s  ‘Madeline’ is a light and deep hearted track that sets the tone just right.  Culoe De Song‘s dark laden teched out ‘Stig Boardersman’ will keep you going long into the late night hours.  My personal favorite off the EP comes from new comer Jon Charnis. Deep, melodic, emotive, atmospheric, this track has it all. This LA based producer has been working long and hard in the studio and you can see it’s paying off with his track ‘Prophecy.’   Mario Basanov finishes off the record with his broke down melody ‘Red Line.’  A super talented producer,  you see a side of Mario you don’t get to see too often as he gets extra dark and deep with track.

Another great release from the acclaimed Innervisions, this EP has something for everyone on it.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Secret Weapons EP Part 5
Label:  Innversions
Catalog No.:  IV42

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