Fresh from the release of Vinyl Sampler – Part 1 in August, Swedish-label Trunkfunk continue their twenty-year celebration by welcoming in the final edition of their two-part vinyl sampler series. Vinyl Sampler – Part 2 follows in the footsteps of the first, featuring six dance-floor ready cuts from a selection of Scandinavia’s leading electronic artists.

“In this year of change, we wanted to reconnect with the roots of the label, inviting both old and new artists from our family to create twenty unreleased tracks to celebrate our 20th birthday. This compilation is a huge milestone for us and sets the tone for the future of Trunkfunk.” Trunkfunk

Karlovak Recordings regulars Art Alfie & Måns Glaeser’s collabaortion sets the tone on the A Side, as Aqua Man gently gets underway. It’s a soothing affair, as warm key changes cosy up against a rounded lead kick, before an operatic male vocal takes us straight into heads-down, hands-up territory. Next up, the enigmatic DJ Vanilla serves up a sweet slice of something in Tipsy. Be it sunrise or sunset, the echoing vocals swiftly take you there, alongside a selection of tasteful synth solos to pull deeply on your heartstrings. Super 95 founder Voiski takes no prisoners in Working My Way Back To You, or so it seems at the beginning, as a driving bassline pummels the surrounding space whilst symphonic chords chime softly in the background. 

The B Side soon gets underway. Swedish mainstay Aksel Friberg takes the helm on Sabotage, providing a no-nonsense remix of Joint Staff’s original that you can’t help but bop your head to, whilst the tribal-paced, acid-laced Serpent Swing soon arrives courtesy of UFO Station Recordings head Hans Berg. Berlin-quartet Icarus Traxx rounds things off with Love Bounce, a chuggy late-night house cut that takes a nod to Chicago with its pumping, 4×4 backbone and S Ruston’s atmospheric vocal tones.

Fredrik “DJ Nibc’ Nyberg’s Trunkfunk Records welcomed a very special milestone at the beginning of 2020. Having been in operation since 2000, the imprint celebrated twenty years of releases at the start of the year, marking it as a true institution in Sandinavia’s electronic music heritage. The likes of DJ Nibc, Stuffa, Vinny Villbass and Lancelot besides have all found their feet on the label, developing their own sounds and the style of Trunkfunk in the process. 

In celebration of such an achievement, the two-part vinyl sampler series sees in-house artists, remixers, vocalists, as well as new producers contribute to the special birthday release, with a whopping twelve tracks being spread across Part One and Part Two. Alongside the music side of things, London-based graphic designer Marija Marc was invited to interpret the music and her captivating artwork complements the diverse sounds on display. Keep your ears peeled, as the entire collection of drops as a full album later this year.

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