[Release] The latest from My Favorite Robot is a two track EP, Out of Phase / Shout, and is an exemplary tale of semi-danceable electronic music that should be making waves. The electronic music scene has been starving for this type of composition – hence my dislike for the term Electronic Dance Music (EDM) – down-to-earth, sexy, unusual, beyond the four-to-the-floor kick/clap combo.

Out of Phase, by Swedish producer Tiger Stripes featuring Pete Fij on vocals, is an 80s synth-pop rehash, but in a completely refreshing and up-to-date way. The vocals are addictive, and my idealization of an early 90s discotheque (Trainspotting style) works its way to the forefront of imagination. The second track, Shout, is a rework of the 1984 classic by Tears of Fear. My Favorite Robot’s version retains the classic’s vocals and melodic bassline, but adds a higher energy synth composition to update the track and exude that late-late-night feel we love so much.

If you are looking for unique and interesting tracks to add to your set, as well as some new and unique sounds to listen to in the headphones, this release is a perfect purchase.


Buy it HERE, listen below: