Spring is here and we welcome the good Dr. Packer into The LoveBath to share his musical elixirs! With his trademark sound constantly topping charts across the Edits & NuDisco scene, this Australian medicine man manages to add that extra ounce of love to his tracks even when you thought there was no space for more. His DJ sets can only be described as musical medicine and we couldn’t be more happy and proud to host such a great messenger of love. The Doctor has prescribed this mix to listen and feel, to play with your emotions, and ultimately bring the heat where it belongs… to your heart!

The LoveBath Episode XXII featuring Dr. Packer

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Interview with Dr. Packer

Hey Greg! Thanks for talking with us:) Before we get into music – how was your Summer?
Was great. I had joined an agency here in oz and they sent me around the country to some great festivals & gigs supporting some big names. Lots of outdoor beach parties etc… perfect for the Aussie heat.  

Can you tell us a little bit about your first encounters behind the decks?
Many years ago now in 1989 when I was still learning to beat mix properly a friend of mine did a gig for an under 18s event in a nightclub. He was sick one night and asked me to cover his set. I’d never played out before and I thought it would be a great experience to play in a night club and it was. I was so nervous but the management liked my set and invited me to play at the other over 18s nights… lucky cos I had just turned 18 myself. 

How does the music scene in Australia compare to other places you’ve played?
The scene is strong, the crowds are quite young so sometimes us DJs struggle a bit especially playing older disco edits. When we do get an older crowd it’s like a treat for us. In the UK for example people were born and bred into that music. Australians were born and bred into more rock music so playing disco isn’t too easy down under but we do manage as there are a lot of us pushing it. 

Do you have any plans for a North America tour in the near future?
I will go where the music takes me. It’s all about planning the tours properly and making it financially worth it. I am doing Europe this year so maybe the following year if it is organized properly. 

What are 3 tracks that inspired you to get involved in dance music?
Oh these questions are always tough haha. Hmmm off the top of my head Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body, Malcolm Mclaren – Buffalo Gals & New Order – Blue Monday we’re all songs that I felt were ‘life changing’ moments for me, but there are so many I could pick. 

Tell us about your LoveBath… Any favorites on this mix? 
It’s nice to do a more slowmo type mix as I love that style also. There are a few tracks by a recent artist that caught my attention called Rare Cuts – I like his vibe and production. I think I played 3 of his tracks on there. 

What about when not making music? What are you doing to wind down on your days off? 
Usually something active as studio work is essentially sitting down for long periods. I jog, swim, workout and try to keep fit. It’s not really unwinding but I do enjoy doing it… getting out of the studio environment and outdoors in the fresh air. 

Drink of choice?
Now I’m in my 40s I don’t drink too much, as previously mentioned I’m more about fitness and healthy living these days, but when I’m DJing I’ll have a couple of pints of larger. Can’t remember the last time I had a proper hangover haha.

– Cheers!

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Preston Ernest
Senior Editor