After a bit of a break, we’re back with episode number 115 courtesy of Nightset!

Sydney jazz house duo Nightset is the collaborative project of Sonny Grin and Kats, their trademark sound blending elements of nu jazz, house, and electronica with wild live improvisation. Quickly marking their ground as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging acts, Alec Brinsmead (Sonny) and Casper Trop (Kats)  are both working session musicians and are proven staples in the current Sydney live music scene.

Nightset’s latest release sees them team up with Chilean / Australian soul singer and guitarist Josueì Vilches on ‘Diamond Eyes.’ The track is a buttery smooth, soulful house joint that strikes the right balance between live instrumentation and tasteful electronic production. The effortless RnB tones of Josué’s vocal, sits on top of a soulful house beat resulting in an undeniable feel-good listening experience, while the Original Mix strikes the perfect balance between polished, slick production and organic instrumentation. With memorable melodies and a laidback house feel, this track highlights Josué’s vocal prowess, with his intricate harmonies that float above the silky-smooth dancefloor groove. The Live was actually recorded in one single take at Bodega Studio’s in Sydney, showcasing these three musicians’ certain talent and combined creative chemistry, and breathing fresh life into the original composition. In contrast, The Dub is the perfect party starter with its extended house grove that is sure to bring the dancers to the floor. Here Josué’s vocal has plenty of time to shine alongside vibrant disco riffs and lashings of playful percussion.


We’re stoked to be back with another sexy LoveBath mix!




Turn it up & enjoy!