Paul SPARXX or Paolo Santanicchia as many know him as first started out as a producer, bringing us gems like ‘The One’, ‘Take Me Away’, ‘ETA’ and supersonic hit ‘Close My Eyes’. Although a successful career as a producer was on the cards, Paolo has opted to use his knowledge to guide other rising stars on their journey to success whilst building a musical empire along the way. We sit down with him to find out more about it all…

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Paolo Santanicchia, music promoter for independent artists and labels for 4 years now: I was 15 years old when I started!

What does music mean to you?

Music means emotions. Music is a way to show artists’ essence, and I love how they express it: they work hard every day to deliver emotions to listeners.

Who are your biggest music influences? Which artist’s music and/or performance, past or present, inspires you today? 

When I used to produce music, I was a lot influenced by David Guetta: when he produced the album “Listen” I fell in love with Progressive House, which I still keep listening to.

You run your own show over at dynamosounds? What inspired you to start up it up?

After years into the music advertising world, I decided to create dynamosounds in order to give artists the opportunity to get the exposure they deserve with their music.

What can you tell us about the service that you offer?

With dynamosounds I offer everything about music advertising: if an artist or a label wants to promote their latest release, with dynamosounds they enter into a network of playlists, channels and several connections seeing their results on the short, medium and long term. In a few words, with dynamosounds artists promote their music.

What’s different between you and the other services that are already out there? 

The difference is transparency. There are several networks asking artists hundreds of dollars for “Premium exposure”, without saying what they will do to advertise artists’ music. We are transparent, artists will be able to see how the promotion is going through their personal real-time-updating spreadsheet that we are giving them: on there we show them exactly how we are working to promote their music.

What’s your aim/goal with this service?

My goal is to eliminate the scams that every day artists are receiving from fake advertising agencies or networks, ruining artists’ careers and draining their budget with bot and non-organic services.

You also run a playlist as a curator on Spotify under the name of PAUL SPARXX, what do you hope listeners will think or feel when they hear your playlist? 

As a music lover, I have my own “personal” playlist (with the same name of my past producer alias), which I update daily with new music from talented artists in the music scene.

What is next for you and dynamosounds in 2021 and beyond? 

My biggest dream is to become an artist manager someday and to turn dynamosounds into an artist management agency, in order to give 100% of the support to artists’ and make them grow in the best way.

Any final points that you want to share with the world?

To all the producers who have been reading this interview: never give up. Obstacles are around the corner but if you really believe in what you do, and you surround yourself with genuine people, you are one step from making your dream come true.