Take a dip underwater and rise up with The Dolphins and their ‘Mutante‘ EP.  Off of Dubfire’s Sci+Tec Records, this is another release that will fire up the techno music lover’s hearts.  Sci+Tec has been around since 2007, bringing undiscovered fire to the dance floors, and this latest release is too hot to be missed. The Dolphins are an Italian trio of artists including, Alessandro Veneri, Cristiano Valentini, and Giacomo Doglione. These three have been together since 2000 and yet are still so fresh in the techno.

All 5 tracks on ‘Mutante‘ morph through synths, bouncing rhythms and captivating percussion. ‘Mutante’ has a bit of grime and gives that good, dirty synth ring in the ears.  ‘Celeste’ has some bounce and hollow that brings in a chorus of a high pitch bubble. ‘Rolling’ has this unforgettable high hat funk that conducts a string synthed groove. ‘Abstract Chord’ has that electro big room ambiance that dispenses a lick my face feel from the speakers. ‘Sweet’ is everything that the techno taste inspires with a bongo beat and eloquent high hat.  This is a sexy techno EP full of essential sounds to keep you rolling in the schtick.


Artist: The Dolphins
Release Date: 2015-01-15
Label: SCI+TEC
Catalog No.:  TEC146

– Becky Beloved