‘The Cruising’s two cool customers, Yula Vovk and Sergei Demidov, make a remarkable return to Whiskey Pickle, and this time around on the label’s vinyl department. Even as Russians their original tune ‘Dispassion’ has an NYC underground retro-futurism. Their blues vocal sampler, impressive bassline, and impeccable drum programming conjure an Arthur Russell guitar fascination and a cosmic disco weirdo Balearic rhythm exploration.

Malinovsky’s version is centered on a dusty deeper affair. The result is a soft percussive, melancholic remix with a darker synth-scape and intensely psychedelic Eastern echoes.

Dispassion is out 7/24/2020 on Whiskey Pickle


Artist: The Cruising, Malinovsky
Title: Dispassion
Label: Whiskey Pickle
Release Date: 2020-07-24




Turn it up & enjoy!