This December, Hot Creations welcomes a collaboration from Andre Salmon and Teddy Wong, who together deliver the dancefloor-ready Pegao EP. With the exciting collaboration approaching, we invited Teddy Wong to pick out ten tracks he’s been feeling recently. Hailing from Mexico, Teddy Wong heads up the label Barrio Chinesca Music Club, supporting sonic material by artists based in Baja, California and Mexico. Brobot Records, We Jack., Sagmen, Name Dropper, and many more imprints have platformed his house-led sounds. Enjoy his selection!


1. Climbers – Equal Responsibility (Original Mix)

This is an anthem by Kiko Deal (RIP) and Jay Blakk, I just love how everything in this song comes together in perfect harmony; the bass, pads, vocals and drums work together to take you in a beautiful sonic journey. 


2. Demuir – To be a Star (feat. Phil Weeks) (Original Mix)

Loving the groove and vibes on this track. Funky drums, evolving synths and Phil’s vocals make this track a killer on the dance floor. 


3. Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Hot Natured – Forward Motion feat, Ali Love (Original Mix)

If I remember correctly the first time I heard this track was at la Mezcalera in Tijuana around 2010-2011, me and my friends when to see Lee Foss and he dropped this masterpiece, one of my favorite songs of all time. 


4. Mr. Diamond – Tambo (Original Mix)

The bass in this track is hypnotic, I love the percussion work along the track and the vocal glues everything together for a perfect weapon in any set. 


5. Teddy Wong – You Make Me Love Ya (Original Mix)

My latest release on Junior Sanchez’s label Brobot Records is a straight dance floor track, with uptempo disco vibes and catchy vocals, this track will bring the house down every time.


6. Human By Nature – Electronic Rhythm (Original Mix)

Love the old school vibe on this track, the conversation between all the different elements is really smooth, vocals, drums pianos come together to bring the perfect energy for a great night.


7. BadWolf, Soff- Dame Mas (Original Mix)

Everything in this track sounds big and with a lot of presence, the vocals in Spanish add that extra flavor to the already massive track. This one works in every environment big festivals, small clubs, underground spots, you name it.


8. Andre Salmon & Teddy Wong – Nacion del House (Original Mix)

This one is special as this is our first collaboration, the track is on the harder side of the spectrum. It’s our interpretation of and old school tool track.


9. No-e – Sunshine (Extended Mix)

House vibes all the way, decently a track not only for the club, but also for a road trip or day at the beach, the vocal work on this tracks keeps the energy up and the good vibes rolling. 


10. KC Wray – This Feeling (Original Mix)

Smooth disco-house track; the percussion and the bass set the perfect mood for the dance floor, with filter vocals and strings that continue to add to the development of the track, perfect for every occasion. 


Andre Salmon & Teddy Wong ‘Pegao’ EP is out Friday 9th December on Hot Creations

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