[New Release]  Sunshine Jones is most certainly a big name in dance music, and a pioneer in live electronic acts, so it’s no surprise his latest release would be of the up most quality. Released on Nite Grooves, Dirty Love is a single off his forthcoming album, and this preview EP features remixes from Louie Fresco, Aki Bergen, Daniel Jaze,  and Bollo.

The title track, ‘Dirty Love,’ is amazing and uplifting track. It has a deep rhythm and funky groove, and its beautiful arrangement makes it a stunning musical work.  Aki Bergen and Daniel Jaze team up to bring us two remixes of the track.  One is a soulful version with lots of swing that puts some pep in your step, and the other pays tribute to an early 90s sound which is sure to get you old-school house heads jumping.  Bollo delivers with a stellar, spacey, clap-happy remix that is simply stunning.  Finally we go south of the border and get some of that sweet Mexican gangsta house sound provided by the master of the genre himself, Louie Fresco.  This track perfectly rounds out the EP.

Overall this is a great release from Nite Grooves that features superb tracks from all the artists. Nite Grooves has definitely been impressive lately and I look forward to what they’ll be serving up next.


Artist: Sunshine Jones
Title:  Dirty Love
Label: Nite Grooves
Catalog No.:  KNG417

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