Stevie R and partner in crime Cumiks are in charge of bringing one hella of an EP; a five tracker to be exact. Having no other than Kiki (B-Pitch Control) supporting the release with a strong remix. The label’s strong musical ammo Patrick Podage and Nikolas Noam are also behind the remix duties. First original and the name giver of the tales of 12 name giver comes Wake Up (Original Mix). This track sets the pace for the EP, lovely, rich and deep. Full of never ending melodic backgrounds with a shopped like vocal all-around which gives it depth and richness. The main synth lines add a handful of interesting characteristics to the tune. Wake up (Kiki Remix) uplifting and happy, Kiki sticks with the melodic bass line and keeps the original’s main lead, giving his take a after the first 32 bars a complete twist. A well-known Kiki attribute. Wake Up (Patrick Podage Remix) has a percussive take on the original. Keeping the flavorful vocal intact, Patrick adds his bass line recipe and gives it a pump without leaving the melodic touch. Wake Up (Nikolas Noam) kicks off with a bell synth sound giving it a completely new touch. Fresh and uplifting, yet deep and interesting. Low end synth sounds echoing around and the shopped vocal give this remix a cool musical attitude. The breakdown of this tune has a pitched controlled synth that makes it unique, opening a gateway for a long and perfectly timed brass line which gives it a new edge without steering away from the main idea, kicking back to the main track hook . And to complete this five tracker we have Stevie R and Musicoleptik. The foundation of this tracks comes from Stevie’s melodic background kick off with a long bass line sound giving it a very inspiring momentum. The guitar sample blends in nicely giving it a soothing feeling. Stevie and Musicoleptik add Stevie’s signature sound here and there to give it a special touch. A really good way of completing an EP.


Artist:  Stevie R
Title:  Tale Of 12
Label:  Union Jack Records
Catalog No.:  UJR027