Steve Huerta returns to Amadeus with his follow up EP, Apotheke. The transcontinental artist, having recently relocated to Berlin, sees the core of his sound developing, which is especially prominent in aside belter and title track “Apotheke” The tune, dusted with a slow slung bassline, driving percussion and airy synth melodies, is undoubtedly built for the floor. Backing this you’ll find Huerta’s joint efforts with ultimate bud Urulu, who’s collaboration was last seen on the label in the form of a remix for Huerta’s “Take Me Closer” single. The track, entitled “Swing Set” pushes its 4/4 signature through pulsating kick drums, filtered pad work and an unconventionally swung groove. On the flip you’ll find Steve’s third contribution to the release, “Kingsley’s Groove” given its name as an ode to a feline friend. Backing this you’ll find Tartelet Records’ own Glenn Astro flipping the track into it’s pumping glory.


Artist:  Steve Huerta
Title:  Apotheke EP
Label:  Amadeus Records
Catalog No.:  AMA014