[New Release]  Crosstown Rebels is a label that has been around for a while, and in that time has sifted through many different styles of music.  With their newest release they seem to return to their techno/tech house roots, and who better than to deliver than the talented techy himself, SIS.  The Round Pen EP is a classic tech house release with an opening track that gets gritty and deep, making it a simply magnificent tune that really shines within the collection.

SIS takes the original soul track ‘Smiling Face’ by Undisputed Truth and turns it into a modern day dance classic.  His perfect use of  the vocal, strong, hard hitting drums, and a bouncy bass line makes this one another heavy hitter for Crosstown and definitely marks my favorite track off the EP.  ‘Unforty’ is a stellar techy track with a majestic melody and and sleek drum pattern.   ‘Miles From Me’ is another tech-oriented track with a hint of classic minimal elements that holds a formidable rhythm.  ‘Forward Line’ is deeper than the previous two tracks, but still leans towards the that higher energy tech is known for.  The last song is a dub of the track ‘Unforty’.

As a label, Crosstown Rebels is constantly pushing the envelope with their sound and, although they seemingly go back to their roots on this one, they might just be laying the groundwork for a new direction into the deep — maybe something more along the lines of their sub-label RebelLION.  We always look forward to when Crosstown has a new release and this one has some gems on it.




Artist: SIS
Title:  Round Pen EP
Label:  Crosstown Rebels
Catalog No.:  CRM099


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