Rey&Kjavik makes truly moving electronic music. After a fine debut album is now back with a second one that is utterly absorbing and majestic. It has 12 tracks that are all richly detailed and it comes on his own great label this December. The album has a real focus on flow and story telling. It isn’t just a collection of 12 club tracks but a journey from start to finish. He draws on original influences and desert rhythms to make for something truly worldly. 


This is clear right from the first track, with its plucked string sounds and sustained pads. Gentle drums move things slowly along and sink you into the music. From there the soothing sounds continue, with found sound recordings of busy middle eastern markets and traditional instruments layered up into intoxicating pieces. 


Diladilan is infused with the sound of the desert blues and has ebbing and flowing drums that carry you away. Allez has percussion, hand claps and vocal sounds all making for a free flowing groove that is beautiful indeed. Pairing real musicianship with a subtle sense of movement, all the tracks here are classy affairs. 


This is a carefully sequenced trip and superbly emotive record that really draws you in to the artists world and keeps you there for the duration. 


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