DJ and producer Miyagi has created and developed his very own unique sound over the last few years and nows an album that showcases that in all its glory.

Hope opens up with glorious synth pads that set the scene and then comes the deep rolling Stay and spine tingling vocals and lush grooves of Runaway. It is a great tune with a rich atmosphere and elsewhere Where We’re Going (Album Mix) takes you higher into the cosmos on more spaced out pads.

Aphorism feat. Haptic is another track with plenty of well designed drums and heady synths that are more than a little bit cosmic. It is smooth and seductive and leads into the likes of the bleary eyed Good Night Planet, a mournful number with delicate pads. Sleeping On Jupiter feat. Eleonora is another great collab that sinks you into a world away from here and up amongst the stars and Hello Darkness feat. Shawni is a spiritual affair with lush drums, swaying bass and more great astral design.

Good Night Planet is a hugely accomplished album from the contemporary tastemaker that is Miyagi.

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