Renaissance Records delivers Vol.2 in their ‘Merin EP’ VA series this August featuring A Friend Of Marcus, Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich, Chris Gavin & Gabriel I and TALAL, resulting in an immaculately produced portfolio that features breaks, deep house, MH&T and indie dance.

The series provides an exciting opportunity for Renaissance to shine a light on some of the best production talent in the world today, be it from established artists to up and coming or newcomers to the scene; “our rule is simple – if we feel it’s worthy, it’s in.” Renaissance

Featuring on Vol.2 in A-Z ordering; A Friend Of Marcus of Australia is first up with Cepish. Next, Greek artists Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich combine for their track Capricorns & Leos, followed by a collaboration from French artist Chris Gavin & Gabriel I of Mexico in the form of Calypso. Finally, London-based artist TALAL rounds off the VA with Moda.

Renaissance label head Marcus James goes on to explain the idea behind the series, saying that “Merin, which is Yoruba for 4, is a series that will always feature a quartet of producers, spread across a number of different genres. It’s our way of extending release opportunities to artists – there simply aren’t enough weeks in the year otherwise!”

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