We aren’t quite sure what we did to deserve it, but nowadays it seems like Ran Salman has a personal vendetta against our eardrums.  Quickly becoming a techno virtuoso, Salman continues to master his art by harnessing raw electricity into his production, creating absolutely punishing releases that repeatedly leave us with our jaw on the dance floor.

Aptly named Vertigo demonstrates Salman’s aggressive and energetic style, with the dark and disorienting title track creating a slow and steady anticipation, leaving the listener almost uncomfortably tense right before the trigger is blissfully pulled. The white knuckled journey continues with ‘Stratosphere’ , hammering your senses with arpeggiated melodies and crackling synths, pausing briefly to bring you back to earth before launching you even further into space.


Artist: Ran Salman
Release Date: 2016-02-15
Label: Steyoyoke Black