German producer, Sven Tasnadi, to release Consistent EP on his staple label Moon Harbour out Feb 22nd.

Following on from his still-excellent split EP with Moon Harbour boss Matthias Tanzmann, regular label artist Sven Tasnadi is back with his own sizzling solo four tracker. Tasnadi is someone who favors a deep and warm sound, one that is full of feeling and works on your head as much as your heel. He has been honing that style for years and as a result really stands out amongst the crowd. Now his Consistent EP impresses once more, adding in some more fiery tendencies to his usual offerings.

Setting off first is ‘Train’, six sensuous minutes of house music with soft shakers and pinging rubber drums sinking you into a groove. Cute vocal samples bring some steaminess and, when the whole thing drops properly at the mid-point with some siren-like synths in tow, the ‘floor is sure to go off. ‘Believe in Me’ is then more playful and direct, with rolling snares bringing bursts of tension, drums cutting in and out and summery chords adding some vital colour.

The forceful ‘No More’ has a train track groove that rocks back and forth on its heels, with metallic stabs and crazy bird calls all adding fuel to this more energetic dance floor fire. When the whole thing breaks and a woman declares “I ain’t taking your shit no more”, anthemic status is assured. Last of all, ‘Drunk Daddy’ is a loopy, brittle tech house roller with molten acid stabs and funk inducing vocals. It’s another classy party starter and one that is sure to standout in any set.

Sven Tasnadi – Believe In Me (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]

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Artist: Sven Tasnadi
Title: Consistent EP
Label: Moon Harbour
Release Date: 2017-02-22



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Jimbo James