Techno renaissance man, Stefan Goldmann, to release Radiolarian EP on Brazilian label from D-EDGE club, Olga Recordings, 0ut March 24th.

D-Edge’s cultured off-shoot OLGA is back with a new EP, Radiolarian, from German-Bulgarian Stefan Goldmann. Again it is a perfectly well sculpted EP with deep and sleek lines that get right into your head.

The man behind it is the co-owner of the excellent Macro label and for more than fifteen years has released intricate house and techno sounds. He is a deep thinker and master of hi fidelity sound design and intricate grooves, so is perfect for this label.

Radiolarian is first and is seven sublime minutes of tunneling techno rippled with neon melodies and firefly like pads that burrow into your brain. It is a high tempo and high impact track but a subtle one that works its magic slowly. Building to a number of peaks, it then pulls back and the whole thing starts again. On the flip, Streams is freaky and unhinged, with weird synth sounds making for a trippy atmospheres as minimal beats roll below. Perfectly detailed so as to work on both head as well as heel, it rounds out another fine EP.

Stefan Goldmann – Streams (Original Mix) [Olga Recordings]

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Artist: Stefan Goldmann
Title: Radiolarian EP
Label: Olga Recordings [Brazil]
Release Date: 2017-03-24


– jams
Jimbo James