New York trio, N/UM gears up for their second release on December 8, 2017with the arrival of YES, out on their very own Ninetofire imprint. Comprised of 4 originals, YES was recorded live in a single take before an audience at House of Yes in Brooklyn. Created in free improvisation, the tracks flow into each other seamlessly in such a way that a small element of one track is often transformed into the main part of the next. The live electronic act demonstrates their expansive creativity, using classic instruments like the 808, 909, SH-101 and Mono/Poly paired with their inventive use of voices, guitar and unique samples to produce something completely original. Having already brought their dynamic performances to The Panther Room at Output, Mono, Flash and others, the inception of YES is another ode to creativity from N/UM.

“Induction” begins with a heavy, hollow bass line that resounds through your chest. An ethereal and otherworldly sound of women chanting repetitively meets guitar chords singing out a soft, melancholic melody. Then a soaring note creates tension from which you are released into the warm heaviness of the groove with a syncopated, rhythmic synth line; the contrast between live and sample elements result in a truly unique work!

N/UM – Induction (Original Mix) [Ninetofire]

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Artist: N/UM
Title: Yes EP
Label: Ninetofire
Release: 2017-12-08


– jams
Jimbo James