After a string of three original releases, DJ and producer Linearis takes on the curation reigns, putting together a new Batch Plant volume, and adding his own remix into the game.

Former label alum MTD channels his fondness for deep atmospheres into the opening track, an almost 6 minute-long incursion into dark techno territory, padded with spiralling synths and pensive pads. Etui label owner and Dresden nightlife stalwart Insect O offers up a mind bending slice of bleepy techno that captivates and mesmerizes. Also part of the aforementioned scene, Marcø debuts his first track on the label, showcasing a solemn and somber piece of straightforward late-night techno. Linearis picks Insect O’s as his track to remix, and turns it into a highly dance-inducing number with massive dancefloor appeal.

“Institute” is out on August 21st, via made of CONCRETE.





Artist: Various Artists, MTD
Title: Batch Plant Vol. 8, compiled by Linearis (Incl. MTD, Insect O. & Marcø)
Label: made of CONCRETE
Release Date: 2020-08-21




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor