Early June will see Montel deliver ‘That Feeling / Out Of Body Experience’ via New York’s Kinetika Records.

Montel has been on a meteoric rise over the past year racking up releases for a selection of key imprints in underground tech house music such as Resonance, Kaluki, ABODE and MadTech amongst many others. Here we see him joining the roster of Brooklyn’s revered Kinetika Records, home to material from artists such as Joeski, Dennis Cruz, Honey Dijon and Gallya.

Taking the lead on the package is ‘That Feeling’ which fuses spiralling dub chords and snaking bass stabs with direct four-four rhythms and murky vocal swells before ‘Out Of Body Experience’ take things into darker realms via distorted drums, tension building strings and jagged stab sequences.

Montel’s ‘That Feeling / Out Of Body Experience’ is out on Kinetika Records 2nd June 2017.

Montel – That Feeling (Original Mix) [Kinetika Records]

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Artist: Montel
Title: That Feeling / Out Of Body Experience
Label: Kinetika Records
Release Date: 2017-06-02


– jams
Jimbo James