Terminal M welcome IlijaDjokovic for a new EP that features two slick singles and a remix from Olivier Giacomotto. “Djokovic is a newcomer with a bright future as a producer and DJ. His music always transports a unique feeling straight to my heart. Melodic techno at its best” says label boss Monika Kruse. 

Opener Serpent is a dark, driving track with rattling percussive patterns and stark metallic hits. It sounds like a factory floor in overdrive and is filled with tension and suspense thanks to the rising synths. Pandora is darker and heavier in the drums, but also has more trance inducing synth chords that get you under their spell. They move about the scales to bring musicality to the driving drums and add drama to any set. 

Lastly, the Olivier Giacomotto remix of Pandora is a thundering affair with spine tingling chords and rolling kicks that will get the whole club marching.




Artist: Ilija Djokovic, Olivier Giacomotto
Title: Pandora’s Box
Label: Terminal M
Release Date: 2018-04-09


– jams
Jimbo James