November 26 2k21 marks the day of the 40th release of our digital back catalogue! We keep on deepin on with another single by HDSN; slower, moodier, and more laid back than most of his usual club traxxx. “Back In The Days” revives deeper shades of House. It takes off with a bouncing sub-bass line that roots itself deep in your chest while expanding outwards into demure little synth riffs that pinwheel like little fireworks in slow motion. Like classic deep house at it ́s most tentative and abstracted, it’s got nowhere to go and is in no hurry to get there, moonstomping in place for 5 weightless minutes. Paired up with an armada of remixes featuring UC Beatz, Ethan (UK), Jorginho Joao, So.undso and an exclusive UKG version by the man himself makes our NBAST040 a blissful package with fuller sounds and even more sharply focused structures. Grab your copy #datsoulthang

Artist: HDSN, Jorginho Joao
Title: Back In The Days
Label: NBAST
Release Date: 2021-11-26

Turn it up & enjoy!