Golf Clap continue on their path to world domination with another devastating release on their Country Club Disco label, this time championing UK up-and-comer Gribzy and his ‘Science EP’.

Hailing from Somerset, Gribzy, has cited producers like Low Steppa, Rich Wakely, Cause & Affect, Marcus Nasty, Shadow Child and Dene Antony amongst his many influences: on listening to ‘Science EP’ the smart money would be on him soon being championed by these and many other house music luminaries. 

‘Science EP’ is bold, ballsy, and above all inherently danceable. From the low-slung, bass-led throb of ‘Isotope’ to the dark swagger of ‘Helium’ and bubbling, shuffle-inducing swing of ‘Contaminate’, this is house to make you move. Raw and uncompromising, Gribzy is someone to keep your eye on.

Gribzy – Isotope (Original Mix) [Country Club Disco]

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Artist: Grizby
Title: Science EP
Label: Country Club Disco
Release Date: 2017-05-26


– jams
Jimbo James