LA based underground house duo, Eurostep, Chris Marton and Parker Bacon have been making a name for themselves on the electronic music scene since the duos inception in 2018. They have become known for releasing music on renowned labels including CUFF, Nervous, Repopulate Mars, NONSTOP, La Pera before marking their return to Supernova’s label, Lapsus Music, with their latest release ‘Drippin’.

The up-and-coming tastemakers have set out developing their own sound, blending melodic house with a curated selection of hedonistic, underground funk. On this outing, ‘Drippin’, sees the duo explore and showcase their minimal & deeper sound and influences. A bumping bassline leads the way, hats and shakers bring the dynamism on this stripped back journey from the duo. Paired with R&B vocals that provide the perfect juxtaposition to the underground sound for the EP’s opener.

Remix duties on this one belong to label bosses Supernova. The duo’s take on the lead tack ‘Drippin’ doesn’t hold back. It goes deep, driving its way perfectly through 6 minutes of hypnotic beats and a bassline that are a flawless combination for the moments the lights are down and for the floor set to be filled.

Closing out the EP ‘Private Dancer’ further deep dives in to Eurosteps minimal and deeper sound playfully hinting at their funk influences with a female R&B vocal to match bringing an exciting culmination to this latest offering on Lapsus Music.




Artist: Eurostep, Supernova (Remix)
Title: Drippin
Label: Lapsus Music
Release Date: 2022-10-21




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor