CJW joins ASTIR with a full EP – Detroit.

Better known to family and friends as Colin Wright, CJW is label head at Wirelab in Scotland. He began producing in 2013 and has to date released music on Biotech, Bulletdodge and more. A fan of all things techno, he is constantly developing his sound which covers everything from raw, deep vibes to powerful peak time tech.

As the name suggests, both tracks here have a warm Funk D’Void flavour to them. First up, ‘Echo Screen’ develops from echoing stabs into a glorious mid set mood changer. Snappy percussions and a deep bass keep the feels warm and fuzzy as the stab delays create a psychedelic soundscape in your mind. ‘Farplane’ opens with drums and energy. Synths add warmth and direction. Ready to explode at any second, the tension builds to a satisfying conclusion.

The full EP drops on Friday, September 3rd at all good stockists.


Artist: CJW
Title: Detroit EP
Label: ASTIR Recordings
Release Date: 2021-09-03