This four track EP continues a strong start for Ellum to 2020 with releases from Raxon and Avision and, true to the label’s form, is all about weighty, characterful cuts from Nielsen, an artist who has previously chalked up releases for the likes of Kompakt, Of Unsound Mind and Play it Down.

The titular opener of ‘Love Struck’ is a swaggering, low slung affair with a growling bassline underpinning a pitch shifted vocal refrain and piercing rave stabs – a mutant beast which fuses techno, Garage and rave aesthetics in anthemic style. The skeletal rhythms and gritty acid flair of ‘For Myself’ follow in a track that, through some nifty builds, manages to pull off a big room energy as much as it does a basement vibe. ’Switch’ is next up and, with a rock solid groove, vocal sample and subaquatic tones, displays just how well Nielsen can create a monster with few elements. The heaviest track, ‘Pulse’, rounds off ‘Love Struck’ with a huge, padding kick drum and resonant percussive lead doing the heavy lifting while counterpointed by judiciously employed warm, cossetting jazz flute licks.

Love Struck is out on 5/22/2020 on Ellum


Artist: Christian Nielsen
Title: Love Struck
Label: Ellum
Release Date: 2020-05-22




Turn it up & enjoy!