Rising Korean talent Didi Han follows up her debut with a five track sortie on Roche Musique entitled ‘Wake Up’.  Inspired by a trip to Bali, it features K-Pop legend Wansun Kim, Lydia Lee, L-Like and up and coming French rap artist Nelick. This EP beams you up to a safe place for all things jazz house, with just the right amount of laid-back groove and loungey pop melodies to have you zoning out into a warm and cosy bubble.

Mixing crisp jungle breaks with silky-smooth vox, the upbeat ‘Good Times’ opens on a dreamy tip, ushering the listener into a forest of sound where echoes dance and entangle symbiotically. Title-track ‘Wake Up’  breathes jazzy accents into  chill house swagger and smokey piano chords cascade over a classic rhythm full of skittish drums and reverbed synths.  ‘What You Love’ is a collection of summery vibes,  addictive melodies and layered synths that’ll have the listener feeling their way through valleys of playfully beat making and vocals reminiscent of 90s dream pop. The result is a buoyant, fluttering gem that cruises the space between classic filtered house, Balearic jazz and neo disco. It’s seductive, summer-scented boogie at its best.

The hip-swaying ‘Something Like This?’ features Lydia-Lee and L-Like and will have the dancers swirling with its impeccable mix of Cuban jazz motifs, soulful hooks and  4×4 chug.  EP closer ‘No Kisses’ is a slo-mo love tune featuring rising French rap artist Nelick.  Drenched in rich downtempo house and solar-powered Balearic hip-hop, Didi Han sweeps the cursor from melancholic to uplifting with effortless ease, blurring the lines between wistful dreaminess and reality.

Artist: Didi Han
Title: Wake Up
Label: Roche Musique
Release Date: 2021-07-23

Turn it up & enjoy!