The renowned techno duo Pig & Dan have been producing high quality dance tracks for over a decade. Their productions and killer DJ sets have made them a global commodity that always gets the dance floor moving.

Their latest release “Chemistry” is an energetic 3 track EP that is out on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode imprint. The title track starts off the EP with grooving, dark percussion and an addictive synth line. The second track “Ukraine” keeps up the intensity with more hard hitting percussion and a twisted breakdown. The last track on the EP “Devotion” contains a more swung rhythmic pattern, enticing synth line and a sliced up vocal track that keeps the energy high.

“Chemistry” is yet another quality release by a duo who is known for consistently creating solid dance music.


Artist: Pig & Dan
Album: Chemistry
Label: Drumcode
Catalog: DC165

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John Vaz de Medeiros
Contributing Writer