Philipp Straub is a Bedrock regular whose output has helped make the label as vital as it continues to be in 2020. Now he’s back with some of his best offerings yet in cahoots with various collaborators.


Up first is Elysium, a track that is perfectly stripped back and seductive with warm drums and gently undulating pads to occupy the mind. Eclipse with Ian Carpenter is more turbulent thanks to the grittier, more dramatic lead synth that unfolds over a big breakdown that will be epic in the club. Burn then finds Lorenzo De Blanck add his skill to make for an upbeat and progressive techno gem that has keys raining down and drums that bounce and get you moving. The Tube is like a tunnel vision of late night techno, with smooth and succulent drums rolling deep and keys raining down from above. Philipp then links with Nilseus to close things out on the darker and more trippy workout that is Everything is Happening.


A fantastic array of tracks for anyones earbuds.


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