[Party] SUPER DISCO FREQ – Thursday, February 9th, Mr. C will be bringing the sexy to The Office Bar in San Diego for the weekly Deep-Disco-Jams night, Le’Spank. We feel very fortunate to host this night of sexcapades with DJ legend Mr. C, so we decided to promote the night with something special. Rather than just tell you how sexy the night will be, we’ve asked Mr. C a series of questions that should help paint that picture for you.



Location: The Office Bar, San Diego, California
Cover: $5
Supporting Sets: John Dwayne + Boys Don’t Disco
Time: 9pm – 2am


Interview with Mr. C:


Q1. At what age did you harness your sexual powers?

I lost my virginity aged only 13 but my bits were working way before that. lol


Q2. What is your secret to taking a seductive photo?

The secret of taking a seductive photo is to speak to the lens with your eyes. Tell the camera, I’m going to fuck you!


Q3. Top 3 sexual icons…

My top 3 sexual icons are:
1. Adriana Lima
2. Adriana Lima
3. Adriana Lima
Did I mention Adriana Lima?


Q4. If you could offer one piece of advice on delivering the perfect Spank what would it be?

The spank would have to be naked (both parties) & with the hand quite firm, enough to leave a good tingle but it would need to be 2 spanks as the other butt cheek will get jealous.


Q5. If you could Spank to any song what would it be?

If I could Spank to any song, it would be: