Out now, Supernature’s various artists compilation, Kolors, is a dreamy soundscape, perfect for floating away into a mid-day trance. The label, established by Audiofly in 2007, boasts an incredibly international and diverse artist roster reflected in this compilation.

The concept behind Kolors is apparent after reading the track names – “Orange,” “Lunar White,” “Deep Red,” etcetera. Each artist developed conceptualizations around a color and created a track based on these contemplations and inspirations. Former Lovecaster John Charnis and Jimmy Maheras said of their track “Lunar White,”

“When we wrote the song the melodies reminded us of the moments in a dark dance floor where people’s faces were illuminated, whether by strobe lights and lasers, or the glow of the moon in an outdoor party.”

Clearly, interpretations of colors and the sensory reactions they invoke vary from artist to listener, but this compilation conveys the artists’ ideas behind each so clearly and beautifully that they simply string you along and engulf you into their creation.

The first track, “Orange” by Julian Chaptal, is a sweet and calm opener, followed immediately by a chunkier, creepier track called “Fuschia” by Dance Spirit. Evans’ track “Lavendar,” is already getting some play and has the strength and boldness of purple, with soft and dreamy elements and female vocals adding just the right to touch to fit the title. “Turquoise,” by Gab Rhome and Maher Daniel, is dance-y, light-hearted and tropical with crisp woodblock bouncing the track along.

Audiofly’s “Matte Silver” is perfectly reflective of that title – metallic, crass, industrial and robotic. Doomwork created an emotional and enveloping track called “Midnight Blue,” capturing the uncertainty, mystery and delicate passion of the late night. Matthew Burton and Kate Rathod, a genius duo that are always putting out the most unique and provocative dance music, wow with their distinct sounds in a minimal and slithering “Light Pink.”

An incredible release from start to finish, in both comprehensive listening experience and as choice individual tracks, Kolors is easily categorized as a sleeping classic. Each track is a stand out musical work, and a gem added to Supernature’s roster.


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1. Julien Chaptal – Orange
2. Dance Spirit – Fuschia
3. Gab Rhome; Maher Daniel – Turquoise
4. Evans – Lavender
5. Jon Charnis; Jimmy Maheras – Lunar White
6. Balcazar & Sordo – Blue
7. Ilario Alicante presents ILL-R – Mint Green
8. Den Ishu – Deep Red
9. Carlos Sanchez – Mauvelous
10. Jonny Cruz – Purple
11. Audiofly – Matte Silver
12. Doomwork – Midnight Blue
13. Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Light Pink