With much anticipation, Denmark-based producer Notize, makes an epic comeback with Great Stuff Recordings by releasing his latest EP ‘Small Minds’, consisting of three fresh new compositions.  Predominantly known for his successful 2015 release on the SIP label, this album incontestably lives up to the hype.

First up, we have ‘Small Minds’, a melodic masterpiece containing deep, mesmerizing rhythms and alluring synths, taking you into a dreamy, hypnotic trance. Blending rich texture with deep and delicate melodies, this track will immerse you into a state of auditory bliss.

Next on the musical journey, we take you to ‘Daya’; a more uplifting track, which encompasses a steady bassline and captivating synth elements throughout.

The final track on the EP, ‘Recall’, produces a darker, haunting feel, with a trippy, yet beautifully balanced blend of strings and structural percussion.

Notize derives early influence from artists such as Booka Shade, Sebastian Leger, Dubfire and Extrawelt, but later began exploration in producing various sub-genres of house.  With a background in minimal house and techno, Notize quickly grew into creating his own unique, deep-house sound, with lots of hard work and experimentation.  His latest EP brilliantly takes you through a wide spectrum of emotions, while covering his eclectic range of genres and delighting us with great vibes throughout.



Artist: Notize
Release Date: 2016-01-04
Label: Great Stuff Recordings
Catalog No.:  GSR269